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Sometimes corporations can defend themselves a little too well...

I can't stand groups that want to make the media conform to their beliefs, which is the reason I formed this community. But I also can't stand Michael Savage. And I really, really, really can't stand the idea of corporations suing webmasters and organizations for being critical of their offerings...

I got the following in my e-mail.

In the most threatening attack yet on Freedom of Speech on the
Internet three SLAAP lawsuits have now been filed against small
websites by extremist right-wing talker Michael Weiner (Savage) We
must now voice our concerns to the Sponsors of the MSNBC Savage
Nation show, as well as the decision makers at MSNBC so our
collective voice can be heard! In Unity there is Strength!

Details on the harassing lawsuits can be found at
http://www.takebackthemedia.com/ and at

"We should get something straight here - this isn't about any of the
charges in the lawsuit. It's not about loss of revenue, it's not
about trademark infringement or defamation or damage to Weiner's
reputation. It's not about any of these things.

It's about a large corporation attempting to take away the free
speech of regular Americans with a point of view. It's about
people with deep pockets using money and influence to run roughshod
over people who don't agree with them.
This lawsuit may seem like relatively small potatoes in the scheme
of things, but it's not. This should send chills through anyone
who values the right to speak their mind. Because no matter what the
stated purposes are here, that is what they're truly after -
they're seeking legal license to shut you up if they don't like what
you're saying." from TakeBacktheMedia.com

http://savagelies.blogspot.com/ Check out some dark secrets about
Mike 'Savage'

A sample letter might be:

Mr. Sorenson:

Your talk show host Michael Savage is a disgrace to your network, as
well as to himself and this fine country.
I cannot believe you allow someone of this ilk to putrefy the
airwaves with his vacuous, droolingly vicious commentary.

He regularly calls homosexuals "perverts;" women "whores;"
Asians "little soy-eaters;" progressives "filthy slime;" and
immigrants, or people of color, natives of "Turd World nations."
He openly mocks and scorns the disabled.

Even by the low standards of talk radio, he's a national disgrace.

I am ashamed that ANY American network would allow such childishly
jingoistic drivel to be broadcast over the international airwaves.

Concerned Citizen

E-mail your concerns to:

MSNBC Feedback

Erik Sorenson, MSNBC President

Neil Shapiro@nbc.com

Sign this PETITION at

More info on 'Savage' can be seen at
http://www.indybay.org/news/2003/03/1579522.php and


'Savage Nation' recent MSNBC TV Show sponsors -
ConAIR - Hair Removal System * GateWay Computers * ExpressMed.com *
Ultimate Kenny G (NetReflex Inc.) * Dr Milner's Clean Between

'Savage's' recent RADIO SHOW sponsors -
RockStar Energy Drink * The Vermont Teddy Bear Company * General
Steel Metal Buildings * Midwest National Life of Tennessee
* HotWire.Com * Blue Emu * GEICO * Maximus * Cocoon GH * Sea Silver
* Swiss America * eHarmony.com * Ace Hardware
* General Motors * Alka Seltzer * Matrix Direct * Advil * Infone *
TXU * Rent-A-Wreck * Dish Network * Radio Shack

For recent TV sponsors see

For complete contact links check out http://www.linkcrusader.com/
(Over 1000 anti-Bush links)

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