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"Censorship, like charity, should begin at home. Unlike charity, it should remain there."--Clare Boothe Luce

"If companies come to fear bad publicity from people who oppose censorship as much as they react to numerous censorship campaigns organized by so-called 'children's advocates,' they might stick to selling things rather than shaping culture."--Jon Katz

Censorship is classically defined as the suppression of ideas and expression by government officials. However, at least in America, freedom of expression is often restricted without any involvement from a governmental body. Ironically enough, citizens can use our freedoms to attempt to restrict the freedoms of other citizens. This can result in what is, not technically but practically speaking, censorship.

"Corporate censorship" is an attempt by a business to suppress media and viewpoints that some of their customers may want. It is the "blinder racks" that hide Cosmpolitan from adults as well as children, WalMart's policy against selling music with a "parental advisory" sticker, an ISP's decision to block certain sites for all its customers, a radio station's ban on the Dixie Chicks, et cetera.

Jayelle Wiggins, a/k/a princesswitch, a/k/a the moderator, coined the term "economic censorship" to describe consumer/citizens' attempt to restrict other consumer/citizens' access to certain media and viewpoints. Examples include pressuring advertisers to withdraw from "objectionable" programs, pressuring store managers to remove videos and magazines, boycotts, buycotts, and letter-writing campaigns, among other techniques. Economic censorship often leads to corporate censorship. (Which is why it's so important for consumers who don't want to be "protected" to speak out!) It can be, and has been, tried by left-wing, right-wing, and "nonpartisan" groups.

Governmental censorship may be discussed here, but that's not exactly the point. Local, national, and international economic/corporate censorship attempts by all sorts of groups, and constructive responses to them, are. Please, no threats, harassment, or overt prejudice.

We've already been raised. Now that we're adults ourselves, let's not permit other adults to treat us like children. Let's vigilantly protect our freedom to buy, sell, read, listen to, and think what we want!